And the collection grows…

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I read–and loved–the Hunger Games last summer. You probably also know that I love nail polish. So, I was beyond excited when I read on my favorite nail blog that there would be a line of China Glaze polish based on the series.

For whatever reason, I never buy China Glaze. It’s around $7 a bottle, and I’m more of an OPI gal. I feel like if I’m going to be spending $7, I might as well spend $8.50 for a brand that I collect. Nevertheless, I do think China Glaze has a great formula, so as soon as I found out that the polish had been released, I headed to Ulta to grab some.

Since I swatched my polishes a few weeks back, I’ve tried to be more conscientious about buying colors that are very similar to those I already own. As soon as I laid eyes on the new HG collection in person, I was tempted by Foi Gras. I ended up deciding that it looked too similar (in the bottle at least) to You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI, so I put it back on its sad little shelf:[

The two colors I did grab, though, are unlike any currently in my collection: Fast Track and Agro.

Fast Track is extremely unique. It's a nude polish with gold glitter, which normally wouldn't be something I'm into. For whatever reason, it struck me, and I grabbed a bottle without hesitation.

Here it is in the bottle.

Here it is without flash. It's definitely not this gold/yellow in real life.

Here it is with flash (this is more true to life).

The other color I couldn’t resist was Agro. Last fall, I was obsessed with finding the perfect military green. I never decided on one to buy, but Agro will definitely fill that need moving forward. It has an olive green base with lots of gold/iridescent flecks.

Here's the bottle shot.

Without flash (color just above it is Ulta's The Jungle Look).

With flash. Here you can really see the iridescence.

Finally, in a completetly different vein, I’ve been looking everywhere for this polish and I was so excited to find the LAST bottle at Ulta! It’s another from the Nicki Minaj collection by OPI–this one is called Fly. As many blues as I own, there definitely isn’t one quite like this in my collection. It’s a true turquoise creme, and a rare find.

Here she is in the bottle.

Without flash.

With flash (more true to life).

Because I was so excited about Fly, I decided to use it first. As bright as it is, the finish is smooth and it applies well. Here it is on my lilly white skin.

I know nail polish isn’t everyone’s bag, so I’ll be back with more pictures of Henry dressed up later this week (because what draws in an audience like cat clothes?)