Zoya – Giovanna

Zoya’s Giovanna is a beautiful emerald green metallic from the 2012 Fall Satins Collection. After a week of wearing DS Extravagance, the vibrance of this color was a refreshing change!

2013-09-07 18.00.56 2013-09-07 17.58.22 2013-09-07 17.57.56 2013-09-07 17.57.15 2013-09-07 17.56.49


Giovanna’s application was nice and easy, and the color is amazing. I love blues and greens, so this was an easy sell for me. The polish dried a bit bubbly though…which makes me super sad. Some polish tends to bubble more than others, but this one shouldn’t have since I didn’t shake it up or blow on it as it dried. You can’t tell unless you’re super close up, so it’s not huge deal, but it is disappointing. The photos above show two coats plus my Bondi – I’m Vers top coat.

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