Cat Scratch Fever

Yet another post about my cats – deal with it cat haterz! Last week my mom sent Charlotte a giftcard in the mail for her birthday (side-note: that’s how you know your parent’s are awesome…they treat your pets as children). Anywho, Thomas and I have started watching a show on Animal Planet called My Cat From Hell. Obviously, this show is about ‘bad cats’ and how to make them better – pretty much like The Dog Whisperer.

So, we’ve decided that our cats need some extra attention as far as¬†exercise¬†goes, being that they are indoor cats. Every night, I play with the cats for 20 minutes or so while Thomas takes Jack outside. This has helped us mostly, as the cats are actually tired and end up sleeping through the night instead of waking us up by pouncing on our faces. I’ve posted videos before about their favorite toy…well, in our recent playtimes, that toy has been ripped to shreds. The giftcard came at the perfect time!

We headed to Petsmart on Sunday and found a toy that seemed like it would be a fit for both cats, the Curl Floor Scratcher. Here are the resulting photos of the cats’ new obsession.


This one is my all time favorite!

Kitty love.


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