Freshly Washed TOMS

This is the least post-worthy thing I’ve done in a while, but nonetheless.

This weekend, I decided to wash our TOMS. Thomas’ were SO dirty, I had to wash them twice (the second time with bleach). The before and after photos are pretty awesome.

We’re having a crazy week getting ready for vacay, but I’ll hopefully have time to post more soon!


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2 thoughts on “Freshly Washed TOMS

  1. I washed my Tom’s once and they shrank. ’twas a mystery because I washed them in cold water and air dried. Did you have a similar problem?

    • I asked Thomas (the TOMS guru) and he said that they normally shrink up a little, but typically stretched back out after an hour or so of wear. He even washed his in hot water (on wash number 2) and still likes the fit. Maybe it depends on the fabric they’re made of?

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