Paris (part 3)

Finally, it’s time for Paris part 3! This is the last of our Paris recap posts, so if you’re getting tired of them – you’re in luck!

Our last days in Paris were spent souvenir shopping, touring, and trying to pack everything in that we wanted to see. We still reserved a fair amount of time for sitting at cafes and people watching, but we did lots of walking too.


French macarons became my obsession during our trip. I’ve made them twice since returning home, and plan to post more about them (including a tutorial) soon!



We headed to Versailles by train on the weekend, and walked a TON just trying to find a place to buy cheese (we had forgotten it for our picknick). In the end, I had to push other tourists out of the way for this photo by the golden gates!


This delightful swan was very content to swim around the pond and eat food from onlookers at Versailles all day.


After much walking (and before some we weren’t planning for), we stopped under a shady tree for a sort of nap. I tried to take a nap, and Thomas people watched, but there were too many things going on for me to sleep so we explored some more.



On another day, we visited Notre Dame where the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. It was very near our apartment (we walked) and so beautifuL! there was even a wedding nearby and the bride was taking photos under the pretty pink trees.


Because we toured Notre Dame on a Sunday, mass was going on. We were super super quiet, but it definitely seemed



The stained glass windows inside the church were beautiful. There were hard to photograph because they were SO tall, but in person, they were majestic!


This was my favorite shop of all time – my heaven. We found this market while walking to Notre Dame and stopped because we heard a lot of birds chirping. We pulled over and saw at first that there were hundreds of birds for sale. They also had chicks and bunnies, and we stumbled on to a beautiful flower market too.




This girl was walking around with a cat zipped up in her coat, showing it rabbits and birds. The cat was totally weirded out, as was the girl when she noticed that she was walking into my picture.


The market was right on the Seine, which gave us some other great photo opportunities! I promise Thomas had fun – he just makes faces in pictures!IMG_2350

And with this, I’ll close¬†- here’s a perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower at night :)


Au Revoir!